What of the Knee on Liberty's Neck

Ann M. Casey

The vicious and brutal attempted rape of our country of the last two weeks was enacted by paid cowards. Self-proclaimed dictators of the left wing propagandists coordinated from behind closed doors, orchestrated the letting loose a segment of our society to ensure the paid dupes were visible for all to see, using them as only the fall guy to shore up their sandy foundation of power.[1]

The systematic use of destruction is based on the latest propaganda code words of racism, white supremacy and police brutality. It is a deliberate ploy to create division and destroy what cannot be bought—our hard fought and continued fight for liberty, hence the absolute need for our Constitution, for our founding fathers knew well how the mob and anarchy can dispense, they witnessed the French Revolution. That too was an ideology aimed to rook the ‘uneducated’ and reactionary induced populace. They ensured that their contempt for not in their class of elites was the only weapon necessary to demonize the enemy—the American public who stand and fight for America and the generations behind her.

The underlying component, which is not addressed, is those who are funding the insurrection, are profiting from the oldest gambit by the ones they bought and sold to the highest bidder, the players may have changed, but the tricks of the game to overpower, delude, control and buy and sell any body has not. Yet in all their calculations for ill-gotten gains, the resilience resistance and backbone of the American people who refuse to submit or succumb to dictates not in line with American ideals.

The first and direct and calculated assault was and is our freedom of Speech, which from all appearances has been hijacked by a small percentage of the population demanding their rules will dictate on the masses. A scheme which will fail as do all coups.

We are now in a fight to the death between good and evil. There is no middle ground to stand on, only one side or the other—your choice. I will fight for the side of good, our beloved country deserves that much.

[1] https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/jeff-reynolds/2020/06/03/yes-george-soros-sent-money-to-fund-the-riots-and-so-did-taxpayers-n487939

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