The Lies of Governor’s Masks Mandates

The blatant commandeering of our rights is self-evident by the continual enacting of Executive Orders in this plandemic by the usurping of democratic governors and mayors for the absolute power to control their states and cities. In Virginia it is clearly evident on the latest directives of Northam. [1] [2] The new regulations passed by OSHA and supported by the Virginia Department of Health, have rapidly gained too much power—the few dictating again to the many. These are not based on the science evidence worldwide, only their own unorthodox seizing of control under the guise of a ‘national and state emergency. The new guidelines are dictated and to be adhered too or else at least a fine of $5000.00 to 13,000 for businesses.[3] The evil of such draconian measures against businesses, especially those who have recently been able to open up, are the worst of despicable. To crush smaller business owners so the state can retain and ensure their dictatorship based on the false narrative the Wuhan virus is a major catastrophe. They are not citing the evidence of the massive slowdown of cases nor the 10-12 times recovery rate that is across the United States; smacks of arrogance unparalleled.

The serious overreach and reactionary response to the scamdemic to maintain power and control.[4] These measures have added to the non-negotiable/demand, creating additional undue burdens on business just opening. (US Confirmed Cases: 4,900,938, US Deaths: 159,846, US Recovered: 2,463,983)

The deliberate suppression of livelihoods and lives of American citizens is not in the cause of ‘public safety’, it is the definitive plan for a destruction by a tyrannical takeover, their complicity in insurrection, with the insidious plans of the serpents. (The governor has given the Virginia Department of Health authority to enforce Executive Order 63. Any willful violation or refusal, failure or neglect to comply is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor pursuant to the Code of Virginia.

Per the public health emergency order, individuals are required to wear face coverings while inside buildings.[5]

With the CCP numbers exaggerated and deaths added that are not related, health departments are being caught in their own lies, proving again the scamdemic is just that, an intentional fear scam. Common sense for the moment been thrust aside which is keeping the ante up for the fear mongering frenzy to sustain their thumb down on the willing dupes, while discrediting those who oppose the ‘new normal’ with vile reactionary accusations of selfish behavior coupled with the callous disregard for life. (The accusers are the same people who support the slaughter houses murdering the unborn, which are not subject to the same regulations and deemed ‘essential’ to stay open).

The time is now for total and absolute defiance by us Americans and refuse to comply to the tyrants and traitors to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, they have gone far beyond the sensibilities of the 10th Amendment and its intent. Their attempts in the flagrant dismantling of our American foundations are almost succeeding, yet the groundswell of Americans are fighting back and this month just may turn into a bloody war for the reclamation of our Country.

Other sources:

The Case for Masks Has Taken Another Body

Virginia Department of Health

Exceptions: There are a number of situations in which people don’t have to wear a cloth face covering while using indoor public spaces. These include:

  • While eating or drinking

  • While exercising or using exercise equipment

  • Anyone who has a breathing problem or health issue that would put their health at risk by wearing a cloth face covering.

  • Anyone communicating with people who are hearing impaired for which the mouth needs to be visible.

  • When temporary removal of the face covering is needed to get medical or governmental services.

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