The Greedy Drunken Seduction For Violence

The muck of ‘passions, just cause’ and all the other ludicrous ‘claims of justice’ need to be eradicated from the propaganda used by the rioters and ‘peaceful protesters’. Their calculated plan from all the videos seen was to incite destruction and intimidation. The poor excuses of police brutality and the so-called Black Lives Matter group, lost all credibility after the first brick was thrown coupled with the immediate burning down of community businesses.

The lust of violent power that you gave into—your actions were controlled by those not even present as you slavishly drank the Kool aid provided. You bowed down, choose not improve anything, yet demand that everyone else owes you for ‘systematic racism’. (Odd how that term never emerged until the arrest of George Floyd.) Did you live on some other planet for the last three and a half years… In consequence of your lack of rational forethought and civil discussion, any semblance for any meeting for compromise is rendered impossible from your petulant demands of ‘sensitivity and feelings’, you may want to return to a real education and not the fake one you so erroneously embrace and claim is valid. There was a reason classical education was taught for centuries—the purpose: to teach rational thought, discourse and logical thinking, as well as the broadening of knowledge in all subjects so as to seed to further an understanding of one’s purpose within civilized society. The wealth of learning available to be studied and debated reasonably, was obviously not worthy of your time to engage in. Only your own selfish and ignorant feelings mattered, the majority of us, dismiss your viewpoint as asinine and ridiculous; you wasted an excellent opportunity to move outside your own bubble and by your own choice, refused what was available to you. Your petty whining ultimatums carry no weight worthy of consideration or attention. The proof is in the pudding, it contains all the wrong ingredients.

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