Letter to the Bishops

3 June, 2021

Your Excellency’s,

As I have ascertained from the Vatican’s letter sent to the US Bishops regarding the receiving of Communion by pro- choice advocate parishioners; Matthew 18:5 and Corinthians 11:29 comes to mind. The procedures, as Saint Matthew advises are grounded in mercy. If these procedures were already followed by their local priests, the letter cautioning prudence away from the political realm is justifiable, yet sadly past time.

The difficulty is those in political office have politicized their Catholic faith by their own commitment to abortion and their refusal to listen to their priests, whether this is by choice in knowledge or in ignorance, is uncertain, yet their behavior reveals the former. (And yes, I do understand the letter was not to solely judge by this stance).

To maintain their position without repercussions sets a dangerous precedent for the Catholic Church, our foundation would be perceived as warranting nothing but a token allegiance to our Lord and show that we are indeed of the world and not in it on the temporal.

As these individuals continue to mock and desiccate our Lord, our position, as members of the Church and the Church herself must make her position abundantly clear on these matters, such derision cannot not be tolerated unless remorse and the willingness to acknowledge the depth of the mortal sin on their part is undertaken. If she does not, the greater divisions will occur and many will create a worse schism than that is now transpiring. Better to cut off the limb than to poison the whole body.

Their souls are prisoners. Both shown a reckless spotlight on their lives as cafeteria Catholics and made public their determination to keeping the murder of innocents ongoing.

Mercy yes, our most valuable characteristic, are they willing to change their attitudes or will they continue deliberately desecrating the Body and Blood of Christ?

The secular world and unfortunately many Christians of this ilk will cry, their position is of no consequence and how dare you judge and refuse them Communion will be their rallying cry, but the Church must stand firm or the whole world collapses in the sand.

Either way the Catholic Church will lose her many of her souls to the hells of the secular world, as that same world stands by and applauds what they perceive as her justified demise at their hands. Yet the gates of Hell shall not prevail as promised by our Lord.

God’s Peace in Christ.


Ann M. Casey

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