Honors Mathematics

Dr. Lane 29 April, 2021

The proposal to eliminate Honors Mathematics, (I am certain the other AP Honors classes will follow) to achieve’ equity down to the lowest common denominator, accomplishes neither. As unique individuals, we all possess a variety of talents and qualities, which if not utilized but disparaged is a grievous loss to all of, most especially to the students who are denied an education to fulfill their inherent talents. In that vein why teach at all.

The crux, of course is the bowing and kowtowing to the ‘woke’ culture, which by its very edicts are destroying the educational system with their inane declaration of ‘fairness.

To penalize students for their talents is not fair and presents gross negligence and abuse on part of the educators. This idiocy, at its highest level exceeds the psychological damage of the past year has wrought, this proposal will only add insult to injury for all students. Life itself is not equitable nor fair, why force an agenda which shoves the opposite? The purpose of education is to gain knowledge, to teach a youngster how to think, not what to think as some adults insist on their own convoluted reactionary folly of the PC and cancel culture edicts.

Each child deserves to have their abilities fostered to their highest level, not the lowest. To thrust this so called ‘fairness’ by curtailing the ambitions on how students want to contribute to their world is a great detriment to us all and the future of our country. The human spirit is long known for it need and necessity to push past boundaries and achieve worthwhile goals, to deny this, denigrates the whole point of education.

To use an analogy, the same is not done on higher level sports, why then is intelligence to be separated and disparaged?


Ann M. Casey

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