Democraps At Work

Senator Kaine 22 January, 2020

Dear Sir,

You and your fellow Senator Warner had several opportunities last night to vote nay on Schumer’s amendments/demands on how the Democrats are to run the impeachment trial. I should not have to remind you that you are the jurors of this charade, not the investigative body doing what the House failed to do.

The blatant railroading of false accusations as truth, besmirches the validity of your oath of office to align yourself with its fabricated narrative. The shameful behavior of a reactionary stance exposes your hatred of not only of President Trump, but the very office he was elected to by the American public. As this waste of time and taxpayer money plays out, may you rethink your grandstanding of the radical lefts agenda and stand up as an elected official representing your constituents. The choice is yours to defend the Constitution now and remember validity of the very fabric of our nation.

A proud American who votes;

Ann M. Casey

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