Defense Overdue

The venom of the snakes after years of indoctrination by the so-called educators, has been let loose in a fury by those who first greedily sucked down its poison fifty years ago and have been gleefully spoon feeding the young ever since. When they insisted God to be removed from public life, man, with willing followers, turned himself into God and ushered in the systematic destruction of his conscience governed by God. The purpose so that man no longer needed to be bound nor be part of the cooperation within our civil society.

Their attempts in the blatant dismantling of our American foundations are almost succeeding, yet the groundswell of Americans are fighting back and this month just may turn into a bloody war for the reclamation of our Country.

In consequence, law enforcement are forced into the role of disciplinarians, a role they should not be regulated to become because of the abdication two generations of parents and teachers. Yet, simultaneously their abhorrence has whipped up to a frenzy of murder bent on the elimination of those they forced to be the overseers of behavior, slicing police on both sides of their double edged sword.

The sequence of events and decisions, dictated the conclusion that could be seen, but as man as God in his arrogance, made the deliberate choice to stay blind, only his immediacy of I AM (mocking with intent to God), counted as their self-proclaimed truth for each individual. This, in turn, with their demanded selfish principles of me only created the havoc of their own self-fulfilling prophecies; which the calculating evil is capitalizing on the ignorance of their own paid dupes. Their plans have been carefully orchestrated to riot in the false name of a greater cause, using law enforcement as the recipient of its hate and vilification.

Pushed into the position and then condemned by the very people who have no clue or understanding of self-discipline or personal accountability- their parents were never taught and they in turn never had their own example to teach their children. Two generations lost was the intent, as they were sucked up into an educational system ripe for the indoctrination and infiltration of radical theories postulating as valid truths, all of which are antithesis to any moral code and moral compass.

As the above two sites relay and prove again, the facts and the statistics refute the sham of ‘police brutality’ as targeted to only unarmed black men, but as the truth matters little and the tragedy, is of course lawlessness, looting, burning of small owned business and the objective for the desecration of livelihoods and life. The worst is the complete lack and disregard for others, except for their own shallow demand that their own self matters. Their foundations are built on the sinking sand of ideologies that cannot bear the weight of its own arrogant lies, as the police are given no quarter, yet expected and demanded to clean up the mess the know nothings have left behind. The petulant children are allowed, even encouraged to commit mayhem, certain there will be no consequences as they were taught. As has been proven by a 20 year veteran of the Capitol Police unit, the inmates are ruling the asylum and running amuck with their self-perceived power, mocking all authority once again, yet according to the ‘news reports’ these are viable actions of ‘concerned’ citizens. Yet, the truth of the matter, as evidenced in the majority of the states and the smaller communities of rural areas the situation is a far cry from defunding the police and the ‘racist’ screams of brutality. An example which, gives credence and the common sense run of departments is Fauquier County. Sherriff Mosier, head of Fauquier County’s Sheriff’s department, who states that the community is very supportive of his department as do the Police and the Virginia State Troopers all who are committed to toil year round honoring their oath to protect and serve. What is interesting to note, as he continued, ‘what has become a larger concern is that when the mental health institutions were disbanded in the late sixties, law enforcement began to have larger duties imposed on their officers, psychologist, psychiatrist to name a few.’ The same is reiterated below by Police Chief Morales quoted from his article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel below.

“Being a Milwaukee Police Department officer in 2020 means being a part-time therapist, drug addiction counselor, landlord-tenant arbitrator, homelessness advocate, private security guard, traffic controller, parking attendant, family counselor and animal control officer.” [1]

Although these additions have been incrementally added from the past fifty odd years, it has also coincided with the lack of respect for life, anyone’s life is non-existent, except their own. The culmination of too many factors of wrong choices and being led by the nose to the slippery slope to Hell, where there are no exits. The circle turns and continues where God is still dismissed from the public square and regulated as some archaic dangerous belief, inconsequential in the secular world’s dictates.

Which again brings the real purpose to defund the police is to insure that rioters and looters as the punch drunk dupes of the so called Black Lives Matter group and Antifa to think they have the absolute power to control the communities, when in reality these fools are used and manipulated while the ‘leaders’ maintain their infiltration throughout education and government. The full intent of breaking the laws, creating chaos and thumbing the finger to police that you do not have the authority to arrest me. The mayors and governors kowtow to the left’s agenda, foolish to think they will be spared when the left takes over. The rallying cry of police brutality garnered the mob mentality of sheep, but in the reality it carries no weight nor truth for their own choices and subsequent actions. Crying out for their parents to protect them and in that wail, to raise them to become adults are the same children and parents who lost sight of God as they rail against the frailty of the human race, unable to do either in the battle over their souls in this spiritual war. That defense was never taught, for God had been left far behind in their quest of and for only the immediate material of self-gratification and self-satisfaction.

The cruel irony which they have self-inflicted on themselves, is the loss of forethought beyond themselves, where perhaps, if they were not so intent in defying and breaking the law them, then they would not be arrested. The constant foolish choices coming from an immediate reaction and not bound by logical thinking leaves them behind in a civil society, where the educated and informed citizens are pointing out and making a stand for the validity of law and order.


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