A State of Idiocy

18 January, 2020

To: Governor Northam

Dear Sir,

This recent arrogant and reactionary course of action against the pro-gun rally is ludicrous, absurd and in direct violation in a presupposed assumption of anticipated violence from law abiding citizens. To flagrantly attempt to eradicate the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, smacks of a political power stunt as a dictator rather than the elected servant as a government official by the people of Virginia.

Your stance to capitulate to the left wing agenda of the destruction of our Republic screams of a child’s temper tantrum that for a brief moment, gets their way by their behavior. This ill-conceived lust for control and the power to run roughshod over civil liberties besmirches your oath of office.

You “profess” to be an advocate for Virginias, yet this calling for ‘a state of emergency’ proves your lack of understanding of our history, our country to satisfy your conceited stance of absolute control to destroy both. A governor is elected, not a self-appointed dictator.

A proud American who votes;

Ann M. Casey

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