Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul

Ann Casey • May 17, AD2016

In the realm of the dead of each abortion clinic, what lies hidden is the desolate destruction of keening for our humanity, the grim dismissal of our life. It stalks the corridors in the mask of liberating existence from living. The carelessly worded agenda creates the false promise of selfish control where murder is not committed, it is only the rescue of a mistake that need not be dealt with for the long term; yet, that same long term burns in slow excruciating drips of acid. The lie discourages the effects of the truth by ignoring the agonizing wail; “My God, my God why has Thou abandoned me?”

Those who rush to the defense of the murdered and protect the yet to-be-born infants are leveled with the accusations of the irrelevant in the erroneous stance of “my body, my property”; the rallying cry demanding “my life only.” This reduction disallows the consequences of behavior, invading the soul in a stark emptiness, assaulting the tenuous defense when evil is embraced and within the deed, negating the promise of life after death.

The sins of the father are renewed by enacting the diabolical in the freedoms of “choice,” which in turn beget the falsehoods masquerading as truth. Their purpose is the subjective use of detachment, the illogical view of separating out the unborn so as to deny their viability as the valid connection of ourselves.

A nebulous treachery infested and exploded into our consciences when we were given “permission” for the deliberate massacre of newly-conceived children. These innocents were viewed as the problem, when the real symptom of our demise was the flagrant conduct of a society self-consumed with irresponsibility. The radical change in thinking could be comparable to other civilizations which have followed similar paths to their own ends, lending a justifiable argument against the current unnatural law which bypasses the underlying horror in the ready acceptance of an insidious mandate which has compromised our very existence of being human.

In this, we have unleashed the demonic whose dogma has infiltrated and seemingly brought victory to the abortion industry. Their legacy ensures errant behavior, all the while seceding away from moral thought; that is their enemy, and, cast aside, it gains the rewards of its self-serving business of homicide under the auspicious ruse of empowering women.

The faulty logic inherent with this premise courts only the reactionary response, which is devoid of reason, intellect, scientific and theological historical arguments against abortion. The industry refutes the evidence of the facts to enlarge their own coffers, preying on a society which has followed blindly down an insidious path of extermination.

For forty years the pendulum swung in a slow moving infestation of Satan’s dictates, and stopped, ravaging in the glee in the dismemberment of God’s souls. And now caught with irrefutable proof of the massive indoctrination our society has engineered to “protect” women’s health, their tactics have sunk to the brutal denial of the validity of exposure brought against them. Their response was the immediate, use the laws to attack and discredit all in the pro-life movement who have the audacious temerity to state life begins at conception, gained a momentary victory, yet our conscience was broken wide open and we were forced to realize the reality of what we allowed.

What began in seemingly imperceptible increments, the pendulum shook loose its hold of death and regaining the sacred, recovered the lost and broken from abortion. Merciful love and grace, restoring the sight, gathered in the forsaken and cast off from the disposal of a reckless regime without the claws of a death-imbued culture, whose foundation is quicksand, insistent on subservience to its ill begotten crutch of power.

In this, this murder industry has conceived its own demise, for in their arrogant self-proclamation of “recusing”, their position never factored in, nor gave credence to, the strength and endurance of the human spirit rallying to fight against evil. As they are so entrenched in the quagmire of the diabolic embrace of Satan’s cause, their ends can never justify the means.

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