Reaction's Loss in the Face of Reason and Mercy

It is difficult to pinpoint, yet the overwhelming need to react exploded under the years of the prior administration. I pose this statement not to incite more reaction, but to explain how reasoned response became disregarded as irrelevant. The contentious political atmosphere in 2007 played well on only the emotional value it could exploit. What was seemingly lost was the validity of intellectual forethought and the logical deduction to discern beyond the face of black verses white. Constructed in such a way as to entice and enforce only the emotional response, the stage was set ensure the crafted outcome. Orchestrated under the pompous idiocy of political correctness and a frenzy of selfishness of a minority demanding their rights to embrace immoral behavior, a terrible beating on Americans had begun. The word 'no' screeched in their ears to premeditate an unholy war, decrying anyone who opposed their lifestyle and tenuous political power as anti and phobia biased and therefore worthy of only lawsuits bent on the opposers destruction.

Clever and insidious in its design, yet its foundation was based on crumbling sand easily collapsing in on itself, which has begun.

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