Research for Our Tenacity of Faith Volume Two

Washington, D. C., October 21, 1861.

Archbishop Hughes.

Rt. Rev. Sir: 1 am sure you will pardon me if, in my ignorance, 1 do not address you

with technical correctness. I find no law

authorizing the appointment of chaplains for our hospitals, and yet the services of

chaplains are more needed, perhaps, in hospitals than with the healthy soldiers in the

field. With this view I have given a sort of quasi appointment (a copy of which I

enclose) to each of three Protestant ministers, who have accepted and entered upon the

duties. If you perceive no objection I will thank yon to give me the name or names of

one or more suitable persons of the Catholic Church to whom I may with propriety

tender the same service.

Many thanks for your kind and judicious letters to

Governor Seward, and which he regularly allows me the

pleasure and profit of perusing.

With the highest respect. Your obedient servant,


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