When one consorts and fornicates with Satan and then cries foul when he demands payment, carries no weight when one choses to be damned. Of this, this present generation is the last thing it wants to hear, nor their mentors who, by careful grooming became Hell’s minions bent on destroying moral reasoning by temper tantrums and the wailing of no consequences for premeditated actions committed. The past several years have applauded such examples of atrocious behavior, but the few prime proponents of this past week brought to the forefront and d their crass conduct, and if any good could come from evil, the exposure of their deceptions in all its fallacies was laid wide open in the deliberate act of one of its culprits.

For Karen Griffin, playing in her bubble world, chose, by her deliberate horrific descion to present to all how little she and her ilk cared for or even gave a passing thought to those within the same week, were pulled out one by one and shot in the head or throat for refusing to renounce their faith in God and Christ, the majority, children. Of the hostage taking of Catholics in the Philippines, scant word was heard regarding their lives, and along with the thousands who, by their faith were beheaded, her ‘comic stunt’ denigrated them to a garbage heap. Of such courage, to reject evil in the face of death, she and the minority who propound such a foul agenda, have no clue and would be hard put to find in their coddled lives.

This morass of engineered political correctness and its accompanying mandate of ‘tolerance’, created the culture of surreptitious deceit and the ever expanding irresponsible reactions when confronted on behavior. The outrage against Griffin, the Clintons and the Soros regime is, in a sense, too weak and too late. The outcome began with the ruling of murder on demand. Little wonder the generations after succumbed to the false illusions, blind to the reality of the complete disregard for life and its inherent value. In the blatant showing of selfishness, the premier example is the response of Mother Theresa’s on Hilary Clinton’s demand quip ‘of why there was not a woman president, She has already been aborted’.

By bowing to the devil, we created the monsters and the shock of subsequent behaviors engendered, throws in base relief how vile we have become. Yet in all this, our diabolical enemy is seen at last for who he is, and as such, we can find the ammunition necessary to combat the spiritual battle now befalling us. The insidious snares have come to light and in which the tangible can be defeated, for freedom is never born from evil.

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