None may Claim

Slavery is as ancient a business as the human race, where none may claim exclusive subjugation of its brutality. The custom of bondage of people crossed and encompassed all boundaries and all civilizations since its inception, based on each society’s designated hierarchy class to segregate. The commodity in slaves was an enterprise engineered for profit, employing the distinguishing variables of race, religion or creed in its custom for the “mandatory” reasons of its purpose. Other variables propagating this “particular institution” have been the payment of debt(s), punishment for crimes, the “legal and legitimate” taking of prisoners during and after war, including any and all abandoned children as the result; and the exploitation of continuum for the children born of slaves.[1] These same “rules” apply in present day and still dictate the wide range of slave trafficking in a global market.[2]


[2] 30 million slaves in the world today - Washington Post

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